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Ajman Ajman

AJMAN: Where Generations Meet

Ajman remains committed to its values, and according to Al Nuaimi, this sizable town-living feel is one of the destination’s trump cards. Rizvi echoed similar views, saying that people often tend to grow tired of the traffic

jams and overwhelming offering of the larger emirates, and are, thus, open to discover new locations beyond the UAE’s postcard attractions.

In line with the new brand identity, ATDD’s key objective now is to raise inbound tourism figures by 20 percent by year-end.

“With our diverse offering, we can target a large number of travellers from the visiting friends and relatives segment and middle income families who are travelling to the UAE for value-for-money accommodation and attractions,” explained Al Nuaimi.

This unique atmosphere, as Schukowski pointed out, has already created a place where old meets new and where generations can come together.

“Whilst the smallest of the emirates, Ajman has a bright future ahead and [...] the way forward for Ajman towards 2021 is clear,” concluded Schukowski.