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Kalba Eco-Tourism Project, one of the largest initiatives of its kind in the UAE, now aims to create a sustainable platform for tourism development while prioritising environmental conservation.

On March 27 – 28, Qatar Airways participated in the Qatar-UK Business and Investment Forum, which took place in both London and Birmingham.

Etihad Aviation Group is set to introduce healthier Weqaya-approved meal options to its staff restaurants after signing an agreement with The Health Authority - Abu Dhabi (HADD).

Emirates and Google ran an initiative entitled Celebrating Arabic Reading all through October in a bid to reach millions of smartphone users in the region, and support the UAE's Year of Reading.

Pilot André Borscherg, operating Solar Impulse 2, reached his destination, Cairo in mid-July after a 50-hour and 30-minute flight from Seville. The innovative technology transforms 17,248 solar cells into the energy required to fuel the

Participants of a World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) conference on Tourism, a catalyst for development, peace and reconciliation reiterated the importance of placing tourism at the heart of the peace and reconciliation